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Weight Vests

The weight vest gives the added resistance needed to take your plyometric and Crossfit training to the next level. There is no better way to add resistance to your box jumps, pull-ups, dips, and running exercises. The weighted vest provides the proper bio-mechanics and weight distribution necessary for reducing the risk of injury during exercise. Your Crossfit and Plyo workouts will safely be taken to the next level when you train with a weight vest. This will result in an increase in speed, strength, vertical jump, and power.

  • Valor 18 lb. Weight Vest 18 lb. Weight Vest

    18 lb. Weight Vest

    The Valor Fitness Weight Vest has a form fitting design with comfort in mind. Take your plyo training workouts to the next level with the Valor weighted vest. One size fits all Heavy duty stitching for extra strength and durability Snug...

  • 20 lb. Adjustable Weight Vest Weight Vest Straps

    20 lb. Adjustable Weight Vest

    The 20 lb. adjustable weight training vest is great for adding weighted resistance to your plyo training exercises including box jumps. The weight vest can be used outdoors or at home when exercising on a treadmill or elliptical.  Premium,...

    $115.00 $99.00
  • 40 lb. Adjustable Weight Vest Weight Vest Straps

    40 lb. Adjustable Weight Vest

    The 40 lb. weighted vest is ideal for use in sports performance training, cross training, functional training, rehab and more.  The weight vest is fully adjustable and allows you customize weight and resistance up to 40lbs. Customizing the vest...

    $150.00 $125.00