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TKO Strength Equipment

TKO has a solid line of strength training machines and equipment to outfit any gym. The functional trainer and Smith machine are a great fit for any gym setting, while the half rack is geared more towards the high school weight room or home gym enthusiast.

  • TKO 4-Station Commercial Multi Gym

    TKO 4-Station Commercial Multi Gym

    The TKO Signature Series 4-Station Multi-Gym is a great choice for school gyms, rec centers, personal training studios, hotel, condominium and apartment complex fitness rooms. The gym accommodates 4 people exercising simultaneously and offers several...

    $9,900.00 $9,000.00
  • TKO 8-Stack Cable Crossover Gym System

    TKO 8-Stack Cable Crossover Gym System

    The TKO Signature Series 8-Stack Multi-Gym System is designed for commercial facilities and accommodates several users at the same time. The gym is centered around the cable crossover station.  Each side has a lat pull-down, low row and high pulley...

    $19,790.00 $17,990.00
  • TKO 9050 Functional Trainer TKO Functional Trainer Gym Machine

    TKO 9050 Functional Trainer

    The TKO 9050 Functional Trainer is a commercial rated gym machine that features 2 shrouded weight stacks of 210 lbs. each with a resistance ratio level of 1:2. The 22 adjustment positions per column offer a variety of muscle toning exercises. The...

    $4,830.00 $4,390.00
  • TKO Cable Crossover Multi Gym

    TKO Cable Crossover Multi Gym

    The TKO Cable Crossover Multi Gym gives users a number of strength training exercise options. The unit is equipped with 5 weight stacks and accommodates 4 to 5 persons at the same time. This multi-gym unit is ideal for commercial gyms, school weight...

    $12,310.00 $11,190.00
  • TKO Commercial Cable Crossover Machine

    TKO Commercial Cable Crossover Machine

    The TKO Commercial Cable Crossover is equipped with dual 160 lb. weight stacks and offers many exercise options. Pull-Up grips are attached to both sides of the crossbar for chin ups and knee raise exercises.  Cable Crossover Machine Dual pull...

    $6,050.00 $5,500.00
  • TKO 911SC Commercial Seated Calf Raise

    TKO Commercial Seated Calf Raise

    The TKO 911SC Seated Calf Raise is a plate loaded gym machine with a 150 lb. weight capacity that's suitable for commercial use. The seated calf raise isolates the soleus muscle which is extremely important for adding mass to the calves...

    $1,160.00 $1,050.00
  • TKO 903LPD Plate Loaded Lat Pulldown Machine

    TKO Plate Loaded Lat Pulldown Machine

    The TKO 903LPD Plate-Loaded Lat Machine has a 300 lb. load capacity and is backed by a commercial warranty. The leverage lat pulldown machine requires far less maintenance than the cable lat machines for years of maintenance free use. Bio-mechanically...

    $2,590.00 $2,350.00