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TKO Strength Equipment

TKO has a solid line of strength training machines and equipment to outfit any gym. The functional trainer and Smith machine are a great fit for any gym setting, while the half rack is geared more towards the high school weight room or home gym enthusiast.

  • TKO 8050FT Functional Trainer

    The TKO 8050FT Functional Trainer is perfect for any light commercial gym or for home use training.  The 8050FT is equipped with dual 150 lb. weight stacks with a 50 lb. upgrade option. The functional trainer also offers an option to add front...

    $2,590.00 As low as $2,195.00
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  • TKO 872SM-B Smith Machine TKO 872SM Counter-Weighted Smith Machine

    TKO 872SM Smith Machine

    The TKO 872SM Smith Machine features a counter-weighted lifting arm that reduces the starting weight to 14 lbs., 8 height positions, and a rotating bar that easily fits into the slots. Dual safety stops allow users to lift independently and enjoy a safe,...

    $3,100.00 $2,295.00
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  • TKO 9050 Functional Trainer TKO Functional Trainer Gym Machine

    TKO 9050 Functional Trainer

    The TKO 9050 Functional Trainer is a commercial rated gym machine that features 2 shrouded weight stacks of 210 lbs. each with a resistance ratio level of 1:2. The 22 adjustment positions per column offer a variety of muscle toning exercises. The...

    $3,399.00 $2,895.00
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  • TKO 9060FT Functional Trainer

    TKO 9060FT Functional Trainer

    The TKO 9060FT Functional Trainer is a commercial grade gym equipped with dual 210 weight stacks operating on a 1:2 ratio. The multi-grip bars allow for overhand pull-ups or underhand chin-ups. Several attachments are included with the functional trainer...

    $4,190.00 $3,195.00
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  • TKO 870VKR Power Tower TKO 870 VKR Power Tower Dip Station

    TKO 870VKR Power Tower Pull Up / Dip Station

    The TKO 870VKR Commercial Rated Power Tower is TKO's commercial grade pull up station. This free-standing workout tower features stations for dips, leg raises, pull-ups, push-ups and sit-ups. The Power Tower is possibly the best home gym station for...

    $899.00 $695.00
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  • TKO 921HR Half Rack

    TKO Half Rack 921HR

    The TKO 921HR Half Rack is great for high school weight rooms and garage gyms. Safely perform squats, shoulder presses and push presses, or pull up a bench for barbell presses. The J-Cups and safety arms have a polyurethane coating to prevent wear on the...

    $1,750.00 $1,395.00
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