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The ABS Company

The Abs Company makes high quality, innovative commercial abdominal and functional training exercise equipment focused on the development of core strength.  Abs Company products include brands such as Ab Coaster, TireFlip 180, Ab Solo, X3S Bench, Impact Cages, and the Abs Bench, and are used in over 10,000 commercial fitness centers and in millions of homes in 40+ countries worldwide.

The Abs Company was founded in 2006 by fitness professionals with decades of experience in running health clubs and developing fitness products. The goal was to make exciting, unique training equipment for all levels of fitness, from beginner to elite.

  • Ab Coaster PS500 Ab Coaster PS500 handles

    AbCoaster PS500

    The Ab Coaster PS500 was designed for home use applications. The Ab Coaster works the abdominal region from the bottom up, helping you target those hard-to-reach lower abs. Just kneel on the comfortable carriage, and pull your knees up. It’s as...

  • ABS TireFlip 180 TireFlip 180

    Tire Flip 180

    The TireFlip 180 is the perfect solution for gyms with limited floor space. The tire has a starting resistance of 100 lbs. also allows you to add up to 80 pounds of additional free weight resistance. The TireFlip 180 also features dual battle rope...

  • AbCoaster Black Ab Coaster Black

    AbCoaster Black

    The AbCoaster Black has a 300 lb. weight limit and and is backed by a lifetime warranty. The stainless steel rails and polyurethane rollers offer a smooth gliding action that effectively works the lower abs.  All Steel Construction 1...

  • AbCoaster CS1500 Ab Coaster CS1500

    AbCoaster CS1500

    The Ab Coaster CS1500 is designed for training studios, hotels, and other light commercial fitness facilities. The AbCoaster is designed to target the lower abdominal muscles for a defined stomach. Regular training on the AbCoaster will help you...

  • X3S Elite Sissy Squat Station X3S Elite Sissy Squat

    X3S Elite Sissy Squat Station

    The X3S Sissy Squat Station is designed for personal training studios, home gyms, hotels and other light commercial use fitness facilities and will accommodate users up to 250 lbs. The sissy squat is a highly effective movement that targets the...

  • Lumbar X Hyperextension Bench Lumbar X Hyperextension

    Lumbar X Hyperextension Bench

    The Lumbar X is a 45-degree hyperextension bench that is designed for strength and development of the lower back, glutes, and hamstrings. Its comfortable padding and telescoping height make it the perfect complement for an entire core workout. The Lumbar...