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T-Bar Row Platforms

The T-Bar Row is an effective strength training exercise that targets the upper, middle and lower back muscles. We offer a couple different styles of T-Bar Row platforms. Brand names include Body-Solid and Steelflex. 

  • Body Solid Pro Club Line STBR500 T-Bar Row Station Body Solid Pro Club Line T-Bar Row Platform

    Body Solid Pro Club Line T-Bar Row Station

    The Pro ClubLine T-Bar Row design eliminates the bar from the middle of the platform giving users a superior range of motion. The STBR500 features a wide knurled bar with 16” of knurl on each side for wide and close grip lifts.  The...

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  • Steelflex T-Bar Row Platform

    Steelflex T-Bar Row

    The Steelflex PLTR T-bar row is designed to work your middle back, biceps, and lats. The multi-joint system allows for a full range-of-motion in in natural bio-mechanical movement pattern. The adjustable footplate allows the user train with...

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