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Stretching Machines

The assisted stretching machines are useful for everyone from the young athlete to senior citizens. Proper stretching is key to retaining proper body movements and will improve your overall health and well being. You won't regret buying an assisted stretch machine provided you use it often.

  • Element Commercial Stretching Machine Back Stretch

    Element Commercial Stretching Machine

    The Buckeye Fitness Element Stretch Machine is designed to provide an assisted stretch for several muscle groups including the hips, hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, arms, shoulders and low back. The machine is constructed with a heavy gauge steel frame...

    $540.00 $475.00
  • Valor CA-27 Leg Stretch Machine Leg Stretch Machine

    Valor CA-27 Leg Stretch Machine

    The Valor Fitness Leg Stretch Machine is great for increasing and/or maintaining your flexibility. In the seated position, place each leg in its own extension arm. Start to turn the crank wheel while the extension arms start to separate. Once you have...

    $299.00 $249.00