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Stepper Machines

Stepper Machines provide a great leg and glute workout and improve cardiovascular endurance for a dual benefit training session. 

  • Muscle Stepper Commercial Stepmill Muscle Stepper

    Muscle Stepper Commercial Stepmill

    The Muscle Stepper is designed and warrantied for commercial gym use and has a 350 lb. max weight limit. The Muscle Stepper offers 15 levels of resistance and a step rate from 26-162 steps per minute and gives feedback on the LCD display. Frame: Matte...

    $6,000.00 $4,975.00
  • Pro 6 Aspen StairMill Pro 6 Aspen StairMill Stair Climber Machine

    Pro 6 Aspen StairMill

    The Pro 6 Aspen StairMill is an indoor stair climber machine that's built for home or light commercial use. The 8 foot minimum ceiling height that's required for the Aspen Pro 6 makes it the perfect home gym step machine solution.Walking uphill or...

  • Steelflex PST10 Commercial Stepper Machine Steelflex PST10 Commercial Step Machine

    Steelflex PST10 Commercial Stepper Machine

    The Steelflex PST10 Stepper is commercial rated machine with 16 resistance levels and an LCD display. The PST10 step machine is great for apartment complex gyms and public fitness facilities such as police and fire stations.  Special Features...

    $3,199.00 $2,395.00