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Steelflex Olympic Benches

The Steelflex line of Olympic weight benches are perfect for high school and college weight rooms, YMCA's or any fitness facility that has a free-weight training area. Flat, Incline, Decline and a Military Press bench make up the line of Steelflex benches.

We've also included a multi-press rack in the category as it's another great item for for the school weight rooms. 

  • Steelflex Olympic Decline Bench

    Steelflex Olympic Decline Bench

    The Steelflex Olympic decline bench is commercial rated for use in any gym's free-weight area. The adjustable leg rest keeps the user from sliding off and ensures a comfortable position while performing the decline bench press. Mainframe: Heavy-Gauge...

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  • Steelflex Flat Olympic Bench

    Steelflex Olympic Flat Bench

    The Steelflex flat Olympic bench press station is a favorite of school weight rooms. The bench is equipped with 2 weight storage posts for quick and easy weight adjustments. The plastic-lined gun racks and bar holders prevent wear on your barbell knurl...

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  • Steelflex Olympic Incline Bench NOIB

    Steelflex Olympic Incline Bench

    The Steelflex® NOIB Olympic Incline Bench is a great addition to a high school or college weight room. The bench is built with oval tubing and features an adjustable seat and a spotter platform for safe lifting with a partner. The incline bench...

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  • Steelflex Olympic Press Squat Rack

    Steelflex Olympic Press Squat Rack

    The Steelflex® power rack is designed for safe execution of squat and bench press exercises and also allows for standing overhead press without interference. The rack also features weight storage posts, multiple band pegs and a landmine attachment...

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