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Sissy Squat Benches

The sissy squat is a highly effective, quad focused exercise, that is best utilized as a finishing movement on leg day. Our selection of sissy squat benches are suitable for the home or commercial gym.

  • Element Commercial Sissy Squat Station Sissy Squat Roller Pad

    Element Sissy Squat Station

    The Element Sissy Squat Station is designed for commercial use with it's heavy-duty design. This old-school leg training device will develop tear-drop shaped quads with challenging squat workouts. Targets all 4 heads of the quadriceps and glutes...

    $375.00 $295.00
  • Steelflex Sissy Squat Station

    Steelflex Commercial Sissy Squat Station

    The Steelflex Sissy Squat Station is designed to target the the vastus medialus, but you may know it better as the “teardrop” muscle. When this section of your lower inner quad is defined, people notice. That's because it's the one...

    $369.00 $325.00
  • X3S Elite Sissy Squat Station X3S Elite Sissy Squat

    X3S Elite Sissy Squat Station

    The X3S Sissy Squat Station is designed for personal training studios, home gyms, hotels and other light commercial use fitness facilities and will accommodate users up to 250 lbs. The sissy squat is a highly effective movement that targets the...