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Medicine Balls

Find several types of rubberized and dual grip medicine balls for sale at Buckeye Fitness. Brand Names include, Body-Solid, VTX, TKO and Valor Fitness.

  • Kevlar Bullet Proof Medicine Ball Kevlar Bullet Proof Medicine Ball logo

    Kevlar Bullet Proof Medicine Ball

    The Kevlar Bullet Proof Medicine balls are durable multi-use gym balls used for slam or wall bounce exercises. Each ball has a dense Kevlar shell and Kevlar stitching for maximum durability. These durable all weather medicine balls will retain their...

  • TKO Medicine Balls

    TKO Commercial Rubberized Medicine Balls

    The TKO Rubberized Medicine balls are heavy-duty, weighted fitness balls designed to enhance strength training workouts. The gym balls features an easy-to-grip double dimpled rubber surface for effective tossing and catching workouts. Medicine ball...

  • Valor Medicine Ball Valor Pro Medicine Balls

    Valor PRO Medicine Ball

    The Valor Fitness Pro Medicine Balls are useful for training that's intended for improving balance, coordination, cardio, and strength. The textured design allows for controlled handling and the dense rubber construction will ensure durability in...

  • Troy VTX Functional Medicine Balls

    VTX Functional Medicine Balls

    The VTX Functional medicine balls have a thick rubber outer shell that allow for performance training exercises that that require the ball to be thrown against the wall or bounced on a hard floor surface. Medicine Ball training builds core body strength...

  • Troy VTX Rubber Slam Ball

    VTX Premium Rubber Slam Ball

    The VTX Slam Balls by Troy Barbell have thick, rubber outer shell and a sand filled center. The anti-burst fitness balls are great for medicine ball slams, throwing exercises or during hand-offs. The shifting sand adds an element for a core...

  • VTX Medicine Ball

    VTX Rubberized Medicine Ball

    The Troy VTX Medicine balls have a rubberized textured surface  for easy grip. The VTX medicine balls are great for partner workouts at home, on the field, or at the gym.  Rubberized surface for easy grip and lasting durability Compression...