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Medicine Ball Rebounders

The medicine ball rebounder is perfect for functional cross training, circuit, sports and rehabilitation workouts. Improve your speed, agility, strength, hand-eye coordination.

  • Medicine Ball Rebounder Medicine Ball Storage Rack

    Medicine Ball Rebounder

    The Valor Fitness RX-T2 Medicine Ball Rebounder works great with medicine, wall and slam balls. Great for a number of ab training and core exercises. Similar to a mini trampoline, the rebounder may be raised or lowered on one side, creating an angle from...

    $299.00 $265.00
  • Troy VTX Medicine Ball Rebounder VTX Mini Rebounder adjustments

    VTX Medicine Ball Rebounder

    The VTX Medicine Ball Rebounder trampoline has 7 adjustment angles and Olympic weight posts to keep the rebound trainer stabilized. The mini rebounder also has 2 medicine ball storage rings. Sturdy 14 gauge tubular steel construction High tension...

    $379.00 $295.00