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The weight lifting landmine's are perfect for Crossfit gyms and high school and college weight rooms. The rotational landmines allow the user to work large muscle groups with compound exercises. 

  • Body Solid T-Bar Row Platform / Landmine Base TT-Bar Row Platform / Landmine Base

    T-Bar Row Platform / Landmine Base

    The Landmine Base acts as a T-bar row platform and with a barbell sleeve to accommodate any Olympic barbell and a 360-degree swivel. The landmine base can also be used as an anchor for battle rope training.  Bolted to the floor for secure...

    $175.00 $145.00
  • Double Barrel Landmine

    Double Barrel Landmine

    The Double Barrel Landmine is ideal for training multiple athletes simultaneously making this a great option for team sport training programs. The dual 2" diameter barrels will receive an Olympic bar or use the shorter 1" diameter barrel to secure a 1"...

    $499.00 $395.00
  • VTX Post Landmine VTX Post Landmine

    VTX Post Landmine

    The VTX Post landmine fits any Olympic weight plate with an inside diameter hole over 50mm, but our recommendation is to use with bumper plates. The landmine is great for rotational functional training exercises that are very important for athletes...

    $79.00 $75.00
  • Xtreme Monkey Wide Grip Landmine Handle Wide Grip Landmine Handle

    Wide Grip Landmine Handle

    The wide grip landmine handle slides over the end of an Olympic barbell for bent over rows, shrugs, shoulder press and more. The solid steel construction will handle heavy weight loads. This is a must have item for your gym's landmine area. 2" Ring...

  • Xtreme Monkey Narrow Grip Landmine Handle Landmine Handle with Barbell and Landmine Base

    Narrow Grip Landmine Handle

    The narrow grip landmine handle slides over one end of an Olympic bar that has it's opposite end anchored into a landmine base. The landmine set up allows for a number of rotational functional training movements providing a full body workout.  2"...

  • Body Solid Lat Blaster Row Bar Lat Blaster Bar with Barbell, Weights and Pivoting T-Bar Row Platform

    Lat Blaster Row Bar

    The Lat Blaster Row Bar slides over the end of an Olympic 2" or standard 1" barbell. The other end of the barbell will need to be anchored to a landmine attachment or T-Bar Row platform. Add your weights and your set for a back training session with...

    $75.00 $59.00
  • Multi-Grip T-Bar Row Handle Multi-Grip T-Bar Lat Row Handle

    Multi-Grip T-Bar Row Handle

    The Multi-Grip T-Bar Row Handle can be used with either an Olympic barbell or a standard 1" weight bar that is anchored to a landmine base. Multiple grip positions allow the user to target the back muscles from multiple angles.  Use with both...

  • Valor LM-7 Post Landmine Valor Post Landmine with Bumper Plate

    Valor LM-7 Post Landmine

    The Valor Fitness LM-7 Landmine has full range of motion for a wide variety of core and rotational exercises. Just slip the solid steel post into a weight plate and insert your Olympic bar into the sleeve and you're ready to go. Add some Olympic weight...

    $69.99 $59.00
  • Xtreme Monkey Light Commercial Landmine Base Light Commercial Landmine Base

    Light Commercial Landmine Base

    The landmine base is great for the home gym and outdoor training areas. Slide any Olympic or standard barbell into the rotational sleeve for a number of weighted compound strength training movements.  12" long 2" diameter pivoting sleeve at the...

  • Xtreme Monkey Commercial 40 lb Portable Landmine Commercial Portable Landmine Base

    Commercial 40 lb Portable Landmine Base

    The commercial quality landmine is a great item for any gym or team strength training program. Perform explosive 1- and 2-arm movements and other rotational exercises simply by inserting any Olympic barbell (not included) into the 12" pivoting...

    $325.00 $265.00