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Glute Hamstring Developers

The Glute Ham Developer is a staple item of any Crossfit gym for it's use for GHD sit-ups, hip-extensions, and wall ball throws. An athlete that possesses the necessary strength may be able to perform a full glute-ham raise. A glute-ham raise is a GHD hip extension, followed by a GHD leg curl performed together, as one continuous movement. This more completely trains the back extensors and hamstrings as an integrated unit.

  • APE GH1 Glute/Ham Developer

    Steelflex APE GH1 Glute/Ham Developer

    The Steelflex APE Glute Ham Bench from Fitness Master is designed for the advanced athlete. Train on the GHD to strengthen the lower back, hamstrings and core. APE Glute Ham Developer is commercial rated and looks great in any Crossfit training facility...

    $699.00 $575.00
  • Valor CB-29 Glute Ham Developer Valor CB-29 Glute Ham Developer specs

    Valor CB-29 Glute Ham Developer

    The Valor CB-29 Glute/Ham Bench was built for strength and durability. The padding is made up of high density foam to stand up to wear and tear in both home and commercial environments. The split pad design is ideal for recruiting multiple muscles and/or...

    $599.00 $525.00
  • YORK STS Glute Ham Developer

    YORK STS Glute Ham Developer

    The York STS Glute Ham Developer provides a hamstring workout that you just won't get with any machine. The Glute/Ham Bench is full commercial rated and ideal for any gym, Crossfit facility, high school or college weight room. The GHD offers...

    $1,200.00 $795.00