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Kettlebell Sets

Many of these kettlebell sets include a rack for storage and make a graet addition to any gym's free-weight training area. Brand name kettlebell setrs include Body Solid, Troy Barbell and VTX.

  • Body Solid 5-30 lb. Iron Kettlebell Set with Rack Body Solid GDKR50 Kettlebell Rack

    Body Solid 5-30 lb. Kettlebell Set with Rack

    The set includes the 6 kettlebells from 5-30 lbs. in 5 pound weight increments and the GDKR50 Kettlebell Rack for storage. Each kettlebell is made of cast iron with a tough, black, enamel finish. The steel reinforced handles on the heavier weights are...

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  • YORK Hercules Kettlebell Set with Rack YORK 50 lb. Hercules Iron Kettlebell

    YORK Hercules Kettlebell Set with Rack 5-80 lbs.

    The York 5-80 lb kettlebell set includes 13 kettlebell weights in five pound increments and a 3-tier rack for compact storage. The kettlebells are made from cast iron and have a rugged mat black finish. The handles are wide enough for 2 handed exercises...

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