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Fan Bikes

The fan exercise bikes use air as resistance and offer a challenging upper and lower body workout while improving your cardio fitness. The fan bike is perfect for any gym's cardio area or HIIT workout zone. 

  • Chaimberg RXM Airbike Chaimberg RXM Airbike

    Chaimberg RXM Airbike

    The Chaimberg RXM Air Bike is equipped with a superior belt drive system. The belt driven system is far more efficient and quieter than the traditional chain system you see with other Air-bikes.  All ball-bearing construction Beefed up frame (2...

    $1,099.00 $989.10
  • Endurance FB300 Fan Bike Endurance FB300 Fan Bike console

    Endurance FB300 Fan Bike

    The Endurance FB300 Fan Bike by Body Solid features movement arms that challenge the user's upper body while cycling. This full body movement burns more calories than just pedaling alone. Horizontal and vertical seat adjustments ensure that users of all...

    $1,200.00 $895.00
  • Endurance FB300B Black Commercial Fan Bike Endurance FB300B Fan Bike Seat

    Endurance FB300B Black Commercial Fan Bike

    The Endurance FB300 Dual Action Fan Bike is an affordable commercial grade exercise bike that's perfect for the Crossfit box or any gym's cardio or HIIT training area. The fan bike is suited for a wide range of users from the novice to expert rider...

    $1,210.00 $935.00