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Weight Sleds

Weight Sled Training is a highly effective form of training for increasing speed and strength. Most team athletic training facilities own at least one weight sled of one type or another. The larger sleds are focused more on moving heavy weight to increase strength and the smaller lighter sleds are used for speed and agility training exercises.

  • APE Power Weight Sled

    APE Power Weight Sled

    The FMI Steelflex APE Weight Sled is a great piece of strength equipment for athletic and sports performance training. Give your team the edge in strength by equipping your facility with this affordable weight sled. The design of the sled allows for the...

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  • Body Solid GWS100 Weight Sled Body Solid Weight Sled

    Body Solid Weight Sled

    The Body Solid GWS100 Weight Sled can be pushed, pulled, or dragged to target muscle development, endurance or aerobic training. Weight sled training offers a variety of functional exercises designed to work your quadriceps, hamstrings, anterior &...

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  • Speed Training Weight Sled Speed Sled with Harness

    Speed Sled with Harness

    Train with the Valor Fitness Speed Sled to increase power and agility by adding weight to the sled during sprint training workouts. Towing a weighted sled while sprinting overloads your drive muscles and forces your nervous system to recruit greater...

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  • VTX Push/Pull Weight Sled VTX Weight Sled

    VTX Push/Pull Weight Sled

    The VTX Push/Pull weight sled by TROY Barbell is a great item for any sport training facility. The low-push handle requires a low stance that's great for acceleration training and developing powerful legs. The sled performs best on a carpet or artificial...

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  • Valor Fitness PRO Weight Sled Valor PRO Weight Sled

    Valor Fitness PRO Weight Sled

    Train with the Valor Pro Weight Sled to build speed and power. Two vertical uprights and an adjustable handle make this perfect for any size user. The weight post is also adjustable so you can move the load closer to your body or further away. Three feet...

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