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Bumper Plate Racks

We have several types of bumper plate racks for keeping an organized and safe gym. The portable bumper weight racks make it easy to move around the gym. Brand name bumper racks include VTX, Valor, Body Solid and Troy Barbell.

  • Body Solid GWT76 Monster Olympic Weight Plate Storage Rack Body Solid High Capacity Weight Plate Storage Rack

    Monster Weight Plate Storage Rack

    The Body Solid GWT76 Monster Weight Rack stores both bumper and weight plates in a compact space. The plate rack has 8 weight horns that are 8-¼”  long and features all-welded caps with no plastic for superior durability. The...

    $517.00 $402.00
  • Valor BH-17 Bumper Plate Weight Tree Valor Bumper Plate Tree

    Valor Bumper Plate Weight Tree

    The Valor Fitness BH-17 Olympic bumper weight plate tree stand keeps your workout area clear of clutter, organized and safe. Six storage pegs accommodate up to 1000lb of Olympic plates on a rock solid base. The BH-17 Weight Tree was designed with enough...

    $225.00 $205.00
  • Valor BH-16 Horizontal Bumper Plate Rack Valor Horizontal Bumper Plate Rack

    Valor Horizontal Bumper Plate Rack

    The Valor Fitness BH-16 Bumper Rack is designed specifically for bumper and Olympic plates. A low profile, carry handle and roller wheels make storing and transporting your plates pain-free. A 12 inch horn at the front of the unit provides storage for...

    $199.00 $195.00
  • Valor Portable Bumper Plate Stand Valor Bumper Plate Stand with Wheels

    Valor Portable Bumper Plate Stand

    The Valor Bumper Plate Stand was designed with locking wheels for easily moving your bumper weights around the gym. Roll the stand to the desired location and lock the wheels and load or unload your barbell. Heavy duty steel for strength and...

    $129.00 $125.00
  • TROY VTX Horizontal Bumper Plate Rack GHBPR VTX Horizontal Bumper Plate Rack loaded

    VTX Horizontal Bumper Plate Rack

    The VTX Horizontal Bumper Plate Rack from Troy Barbell has 8 slots that can hold a 45 lb bumper plate in each section. The Institutional quality rack includes wheels and guide handle for easy maneuvering and a black finish. The handle incorporates 2...

    $275.00 $195.00
  • TROY VTX Mobile Bumper Plate Rack VTX Mobile Bumper Weight Rack

    VTX Mobile Bumper Plate Rack

    The VTX mobile bumper plate rack by TROY Barbell is the perfect storage unit solution to keep your bumper plates off the floor. The portable stand holds up to 450 pounds of bumper weights in a 2' x 2' space. Once done with the plates simply stack them on...

    $179.00 $125.00