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Utility Benches

The utility bench or utility stool was designed for seated weight lifting exercises. Great for dumbbell curls and shoulder presses or use in conjunction with a multi-press rack for military barbell presses. Every gym in existence should have at least one of these specialty benches. Brand names include Body Solid, TKO and YORK.

  • TKO 862UB Utility Bench TKO 862UB Utility Stool

    TKO 862UB Utility Bench

    The TKO Utility Stool is the perfect bench for seated strength movements such as dumbbell curls and shoulder presses. The seats is low to the ground providing a stable base for your lifts. The TKO Utility Bench is commercial rated for use in any weight...

    $363.00 $330.00
  • Body Solid GST20 Utility Stool Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press

    Body Solid GST20 Utility Stool

    The Body Solid GST20 Utility Stool is designed for seated weight lifting exercises such as shoulder presses, triceps pullovers, French curls, concentration curls, wrist curls and more. It can be used in a rack for barbell exercises or on its own with...

    $286.00 $220.00
  • YORK STS Multi-Purpose Utility Bench

    YORK STS Commercial Multi-Purpose Utility Bench

    The YORK Multi-Purpose Utility Bench is a full commercial quality weight bench designed to reduce low back strain during heavy shoulder work. Perform dumbbell shoulder presses or use with a rack for barbell press movements. The heavy contour foam padding...

    $560.00 $425.00