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Preacher Curl Benches

The design of the preacher curl bench isolates the biceps muscles and eliminates stress on the elbows and lower back. Preacher curls are great for developing overall biceps mass including the often difficult lower biceps. Use a straight barbell, curl bar, or dumbbells with any one of the preacher benches. Brand names include Body Solid, YORK, TKO, Valor and XMark Fitness.

  • YORK STS Preacher Curl YORK Commercial Preacher Curl Bench

    YORK STS Commercial Preacher Curl Bench

    The York STS Preacher Curl bench is designed with an adjustable seat to ensure proper body positioning for placing maximum stress on the biceps muscle. The preacher bench is built with heavy duty steel construction making it suitable for use in any gym...

    $750.00 $595.00
  • VTX Preacher Curl Bench VTX Preacher Bench band curl

    VTX Preacher Curl Bench

    The VTX Preacher Curl is a light commercial rated weight bench that's perfect for personal training studios, school weight rooms, YMCA's, apartment and condo fitness centers and other light use facilities. The coated bar rack guard protects the...

    $599.00 $475.00
  • YORK FTS Preacher Curl Bench

    YORK FTS Preacher Curl Bench

    The York FTS Preacher Bench is made with 11 gauge, 2" x 2" structural steel tubing for use in light commercial facilities. 3" pad is designed for comfort. The wide base of the preacher curl ensures there won't be any tipping during the exercise. Fully...

    $350.00 $295.00
  • Valor CB-6 Preacher Curl Bench Valor CB-6 Preacher Curl dimensions

    Valor CB-6 Preacher Curl Bench

    The Valor CB-6 Preacher Curl Bench is a home use weight bench designed for maximum bicep contraction for peak results. The CB-6 offers 4 pad height adjustment positions and 5 seat positions ensuring a proper and comfortable fit for users of all sizes...

    $239.00 $219.00
  • Powerline PPB32X Preacher Curl Bench Powerline PPB32X Preacher Curl

    Powerline PPB32X Preacher Curl Bench

    The Powerline PPB32X Preacher Curl Bench by Body Solid eliminates cheating and elbow stress while providing perfect isolation to hammer your biceps. The preacher station features an adjustable seat and extra-wide, stable design that can hold up to 300...

    $315.00 $225.00