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Specialty Weight Bars

Several specialty weight lifting bars have been developed for varied training regimens. These specially designed barbells include the Swiss bar and Farmers' walk bars. Several other bars for curls and shrugs have also beed developed for a better anatomical position that should decrease the risk for injury from weight lifting.

  • Strongman Log Strongman Log Weight Bar

    Strongman Log Weight Bar

    The Strongman Log is available in 8 inch or 10" diameters and is used for endurance, strength, and power exercises. One of the more recognizable and staple pieces of equipment used in Strongman is the log. The design of the strongman log allows for...

  • Valor Multi-Grip Olympic Barbell Valor Multi-Grip Olympic Bar with Bumper Plates

    Valor Multi-Grip Olympic Barbell

    The Valor Multi-Grip Olympic Bar offers a variety of grip positions. Alternate grips to recruit more muscle fibers to add strength. The alternate grips are ergonomically designed to reduce shoulder stress also. The Valor Multi Grip Bar makes a great...

    $150.00 $129.00
  • Valor PRO Farmer Walk Bars

    Valor PRO Farmer Walk Bars

    The Valor PRO OB-FW Farmer Walk Bars are used to increases strength in your grip, legs, and back. Seen in strongman competitions and box events, this exercise demands multiple muscles. The bars are 60" long and weigh 24.5 lbs., each with 12" of loadable...

    $199.00 $149.00
  • Valor OB-Hex Super Hex Trap Bar Valor Super Hex Trap Bar Rotating Handle

    Valor Super Hex Trap Bar

    The Valor Super Hex Trap Bar offers 3 different handle thickness options. The bar is for use with Olympic weight plates or bumpers and weighs in at 59 lbs. This is the ideal bar for performing shrugs and deadlifts safely and effectively. Rotating grip...

    $299.00 $275.00
  • Troy Barbell VTX Multi-Grip Olympic Bar

    VTX Multi-Grip Olympic Bar

    The Troy Barbell VTX Multi-Grip Bar is designed with two pair of angled and one pair of straight neutral grip 28 mm. diameter handles. The angled grips reduce stress on the wrists and shoulders during close, medium or wide grip pressing movements...

  • York Extreme Fat Grip Olympic Bar

    York Fat Grip Olympic Bar

    The York Extreme Grip Olympic Barbell offers a whole new level of forearm and grip training development. The 2 inch diameter fat grip design helps alleviate palm pressure on pressing exercises, dissipating the weight over a larger surface area, plus,...

    $379.00 $295.00
  • York Int'l Multi Hex Deadlift/Shrug Bar

    York Int'l Multi Hex Deadlift/Shrug Bar

    The York International Hex Bar is designed with high and low handles for dead-lifts and shrugs. The weight bar also has the "Rock & Rack" kick-board feature that functions like a bar jack, enabling the user to load and unload plates with ease...

    $450.00 $349.00
  • York International Bi-Tri-Trap Bar with Rubber Grips

    York International Bi-Tri-Trap Bar with Rubber Grips

    The York International Bi-Tri-Trap Bar has strategically placed rubber grips for proper hand placement for several strength training exercises. This barbell is ideal for upright rows, shrugs, hammer curls, tricep extensions and other mass building...

    $150.00 $125.00
  • Troy VTX Olympic Supra Curl Bar SBCB-47

    VTX Olympic Supra Curl Bar

    The Troy VTX Supra Curl Bar has revolving handles designed to increase upper arm mass, strength and definition. Used with any 2" Olympic weight plates. This bar isolates and intensifies development of the biceps and forearms through the bio-mechanical...

    $199.00 $175.00
  • York International Olympic Curl Bar with Rubber Grips

    York International Olympic Curl Bar with Rubber Grips

    The York International Rubber Grip Curl Bar is 2" on the ends for use with Olympic weight plates. The 30 mm. ergonomic rubber grip design is easy on the hands and allows for an improved grip. The grip angles are positioned for a more natural flexion...

    $150.00 $115.00
  • Commercial Swiss Bar Swiss Bar Grips

    Commercial Swiss Bar

    The Commercial Swiss Bar has eight different handles that allow you to position your hands in four different positions. A neutral grip is optimal for reducing stress on the shoulder during pressing and rowing movements. Total length: 84" Collar...