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Olympic Bars

Compare our selection of Olympic Barbells to find the proper bar for your gym facility or individual weight lifting style. We carry Olympic weight lifting bars for Olympic style lifts, power bars for the power lifters and economy bars for the home gym enthusiast. 

  • BLACKWOLF Power Bar BLACKWOLF Olympic Power Bar

    BLACKWOLF Power Bar

    The BLACKWOLF Power Bar from Buckeye Fitness is made in the USA with American steel.  The BLACKWOLF Bar is great for heavy squats with it's aggressive center knurl and 2000 lb. weight rating. Made with 200,000 PSI high tensile strength steel...

    $450.00 $295.00
  • Buckeye AMP Super Elite Bar

    Buckeye AMP Super Elite Bar

    The Buckeye AMP Super Elite Bar is an American made multi-use barbell suited for both power-lifting and Olympic lifts. This bar is very resilient and will handle extremely heavy weight loads.  Bar Type: Multi Bar Weight: 45 lb Barbell Length:...

  • Buckeye AMP Elite Power Squat Bar

    Buckeye AMP Elite Power Squat Bar

    The Buckeye AMP Elite Power Squat Bar is made with American steel and made in the USA. The power bar features a black zinc barbell shaft with silver zinc sleeves.  With a 200,000 PSI rating, this bar will handle extremely heavy loads and is...