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Dip Belts

  • Leather Dip Accessory Strap

    Leather Dip Accessory Strap

    The Leather Dipping Accessory Attachment hooks to your weight belt allowing you to do weighted dips, chins, calf raises, and lunges. This ability to add extra resistance to these body-weight movements will take your strength up a notch and pack on the...

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  • Leather Dip Belt Weighted Dip

    Leather Dip Belt

    The dip belt is constructed from top-grain leather from the heaviest cowhides. Hand sewn with neoprene lining and handcrafted to ensure your safety and comfort. Use for weighted dips and pull ups. The chain loops through ANY weight plates (standard 1" or...

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  • Nylon Dip Belt

    Nylon Dip Belt

    The Nylon Dip Belt has a width of over 6 inches which results in a very comfortable fit. Great for adding resistance to bodweight exercises including dips, chin ups and lunges. The beveled edges of the belt will not dig, bite or bruise. The nylon dipping...

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